i’m pretty much a legume lover. i like pinto beans, black beans, butter beans, lottsa kinds of beans. in fact, other than straight-up water, bean juice (a.k.a.: coffee) is my fav drink.

i like cocoa beans too, or at least the wonder stuff made from them. which is why i’m writing just this moment. usually i keep some chocolate around the house. i’ll reward myself with a little chunk when i’ve accomplished a particulary onerous task (for example, getting up in the morning). but usually a 100 gram bar lasts me about a week.

but when christmas was all said and done, i somehow ended up with much more than my usual stash of the stuff. autumn gave me a 400 gram toblerone (milk chocolate with honey and almond). some other way i got a 100 gram bittersweet (dark) chocolate toblerone. and then my sister-in-law, who should know better, got me four, count ’em four, 85 gram choxie bars in various flavors (i’d never had these before – they’re wonderful : ) ). probably she intended me to share them (silly girl). besides all that, i’m pretty sure i have a 100 gram ghirardelli bar up in the cupboard from before christmas.

so you could say that i’m fully chocolated. fully, as in, i keep finding myself bouncing up and down for no particular reason. fully, as in, i wonder just how many grams of chocolate it takes to replace all other food in my diet?

well. i can’t say all other food. i have been drinking bean juice!


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One Response to “beans”

  1. Adam Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of chocolate! It’s a good thing lima beans aren’t considered a great gift. :^D

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