tube time

lots going on today, but it’s all on the computer.  i do have to mail a letter.  that may be the only time i step outside before tomorrow evening. 

a weird life i’m living!

concept for the day: truth value of groupthink – the fact that an idea is pervasive within our social group says absolutely nothing about whether the idea is correct.  it should be perfectly obvious to even the most casual observer that there are many ideas which have been held as obviously true by large groups of people and were, in fact, completely wrong.


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One Response to “tube time”

  1. MarkE Says:

    Re: groupthink…

    The group gave up on Moses and God both. Decided that the junior man-of-god had the best idea… let’s make our own god!

    You know the rest of the story.

    groupthink – it’s a very old phenomenon

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