ladder day saint

in the bible, when people enter god’s presence their reaction is the same.  they hit the ground.  trembling.  as if dead.  fearing for their lives.  that’s consistent between the old testament and new, and for those serving god and those in rebellion.  it’s not a trained response.  it’s involuntary in the same way we cover our eyes if there’s a flash of light.

so let me share a deep secret.  it’s frequently hard for me to not sin.  some patterns are so deeply drawn that all my “want to” doesn’t hold me back.

so i’ve been praying for some time now “god, give me a revelation of you”,  “i want to have a glimpse of you in your glory so i can remember your awesomeness and tremble and run away from sin.”  the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom!

just a while ago i was praying and god interrupted to give me this picture.  i believe it’s going to be very helpful to me, so i thought i’d share it with you.

imagine you’re outside and there’s a ladder.  for most people that’s not too intimidating.  if i needed to climb up to trim a tree branch or get a frisbee off the roof it’s no big thing.

now imagine that same ladder fastened to the outside wall on the 99th floor of a 100 story building.  your hands and feet are on the same rungs.  gravity is affecting you just the same.  but the stakes are much higher.  suddenly you hold the ladder tighter and are cautious with each step.

the picture is this: the reason we tolerate sin in our lives is because we don’t recognize the risk.  we don’t realize the risk to our lives.  we don’t think about the others below us we’ll knock to their deaths if we fall.  we never stop to imagine the lives that will never be lived because they’re not yet on the ladder.  most of all we don’t consider the enormous cost that our savior paid to put that ladder in place.

it’s not quite how i imagined it, but i believe he gave me as much revelation as i need for now.


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