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messed up

June 27, 2008

this interview turned my stomach.  it’s Linda Smith of Shared Hope International, talking about child sex exploitation in america.  she says a lot that’s good, and i encourage you to spend a minute to watch the interview, but the point that struck me was how we’ve come to culturally accept this epidemic.

in most cultures at most times in history, part of a family’s responsibility has been to protect their daughters.  they’ve clearly distinguished between a girl and a young woman who might be preparing for marriage.  our modern culture though, has completely blurred the line, and our fatherless society leaves young girls all too vulnerable.   and since we’ve all but given up on marriage, sex has become merely a thing that happens along the way.

we christians have become complicit by our silence

who are you, really?

June 24, 2008

was reading matthew 11 this morning where john the baptist sends some of his followers to ask jesus if he is “the one coming”, or if they should wait for someone else.  jesus could have said a lot of things in response to that question.  but this a situation where what he didn’t say communicated as much as what he did.

what he didn’t say was “hey, you’ve got your theology and eschatology all wrong – let me tell you how it really works…”.  because nobody on the face of the planet knew what was really going to happen other than jesus himself.  i think that’s still the case, btw.  i’m quietly confident that the real “end times” will differ from our expectations by at least as much as jesus’ first coming.

what he did say was this: “you are blessed if you can take me and not get offended”.  i’m sure that was aimed at us, just as much as john’s disciples.

a what?

June 23, 2008

if barack got more than 50% of the electoral vote in november, would we become an obama-nation?

(borrowed from an article in pajama media by tom blumer)

ew! genics!

June 23, 2008

great article in canada’s national post on the roots of eugenics


June 10, 2008

re: michelle malkin’s article on “grumpy republicans” not following the party “leadership” – it’s hard to get people to do much while they’re holding their noses


June 10, 2008

great quote from peter schweizer’s book makers and takers, via this citizenlink article:

liberalism … allows one to claim the moral high ground on just about any issue while in effect ‘outsourcing’ your personal responsibility for doing something about it to the government

to give you some context, the subtitle of the book is: why conservatives work harder, feel happier, have closer families, take fewer drugs, give more generously, value honesty more, are less materialistic and envious, whine less … and even hug their children more than liberals.


June 9, 2008

several hundred times a year a muslim man or woman straps on explosives and sets out to kill as many “infidels” as possible.  these people are roundly praised by their families and communities.  they do it in the belief that they are pleasing allah and insuring themselves a good eternity.

with this trend almost doubling from one year to the next, how can we possibly ignore iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad when he threatens to remove israel from the map?  with the motivations of a suicide bomber on a grand scale, he has nothing to restrain him.  his world view requires him to do as much damage as humanly possible to the “jewish pigs”.

in the house

June 4, 2008

there are some things in the bible that i know i don’t understand yet. every time i get to zechariah 3 for example, i say “god, would you please explain to me what’s going on here?” so far he hasn’t.

the last 8 chapters of ezekiel have been like that for me too. starting in chapter 40, god gives ezekiel a vision of the temple in jerusalem. it’s quite a bit different than either of the temples that have existed before, and many commentators suggest he’s describing a temple to be built in the “last-days”.

actually, it’s pretty interesting to read what the commentaries say, since a lot of them were written before god brought his people back in to the promised land. i wonder what matthew henry would say now?

then, following right in the narrative of this very physical-sounding temple, chapter 47 describes a very spiritual-sounding river that flows from the temple – a river corresponding exactly to the one described in revelation 22 – flowing from the throne in the holy of holies. “…everything will live…” wherever the river flows, ezekiel says. it has trees along both sides which bear fruit year-round. “their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing”, he writes.

this is what i’ve always wondered; is the temple being described “just” a symbol, not a real building that will be built? after all, it describes a restored priesthood, resumption of daily sacrifices, and a prince who will reign from jerusalem.

or, if it’s an actual physical temple that will be built, is the river “just” a metaphor to describe what happens spiritually when god is “on the throne”, ruling the earth?

i read these chapters last week and had them on my mind sunday, so i asked my friend ty davenport about them. ty is a godly man who often has spiritual insight into things. and he did have a great answer for my question – one thatis really spinning my head around as i consider it.

as the angel is showing ezekiel around, in ezekiel 40 to 46, he starts at the outside of the temple and works his way in, then back out and he describes how god’s glory will come to reside there permanently.

he said to me: “son of man, this is the place of my throne and the place for the soles of my feet, where i will live among the people of israel forever…” ezekiel 43:7

what ty said, and i think is true, is this. god is spirit. he doesn’t live in buildings that people make. but the temple being described is a real building that will be built. as the prophet approached the holy of holies he was making a transition from the physical world to the spiritual.

this seems more right than anything i’ve heard or read. the spiritual realm coexists with the physical and shapes it, but as one approaches god the physical simply disappears – it cannot come near him. spiritual existence is not bound by time or space – it simply is.

that’s why prophetic dreams and visions can seem jumbled and out of sequence. in the spirit, what happened a thousand years ago may be connected directly with something in the “now”. the connections are non-obvious in the physical world, but god sees them instantly. that’s why, for example, the writer of hebrews said that levi paid a tithe to melchizedek “while he was in the loins” of abraham.

so, getting back to the river; i think it is, at least, a spiritual river – possibly coexisting with a physical river.  and personally, i can’t wait to go for a swim!

stoked up

June 2, 2008

for various reasons, i’m not too interested in feeding the $tarbuck$ machine, but i do enjoy a good cup of coffee.  what that usually means is i make my own.  but summertime is fast approaching here in texas and cooler is better.  so i thought i’d pass along my discoveries for replacing your pricey carma-frappa-whatevers.

a couple months ago i bumped into a product called “stok” (stoke).  the concept is simple; they’re shots of black coffee, individually packaged in the sort of containers that usually have half-and-half or other liquid creamer products.  you can peel the top off and put it in whatever you want.  sam’s club had them in a box of 144 (though they’re not listed on their online store).  i’d judge their caffeine effect to be every-bit equal to an espresso shot.  i bought them thinking “what a concept – i’ll bet i can do something with these”,  and i have!

do you like the $tarbuck$ cold latte products in the little jars?  try this: dissolve two heaping tablespoons of brown sugar in the bottom of a 16oz glass with a splash of hot tap-water.  add 2 or 3 stok shots.  then fill the glass with milk and enjoy!

like the mocha version of the same?  add a spoon of powdered cocoa before the milk.  vanilla?  add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  caramel?  add some caramel topping!

prefer your drink frozen?  start with the same water/sugar/stok mix in a blender and add 12 oz milk. then drop in ice cubes until you get the right consistency.

you can fru-fru to your heart’s content.  whipped cream.  drizzle chocolate syrup or caramel.  maybe garnish with a french wafer.  you get the idea. 

i’m thinking this’d be a big hit at a party.  you can make any cold or frozen coffee drink you can think of, for a lot better price than sending out to seattle-r-us. 

here’s to a fully caffeinated summer!