who are you, really?

was reading matthew 11 this morning where john the baptist sends some of his followers to ask jesus if he is “the one coming”, or if they should wait for someone else.  jesus could have said a lot of things in response to that question.  but this a situation where what he didn’t say communicated as much as what he did.

what he didn’t say was “hey, you’ve got your theology and eschatology all wrong – let me tell you how it really works…”.  because nobody on the face of the planet knew what was really going to happen other than jesus himself.  i think that’s still the case, btw.  i’m quietly confident that the real “end times” will differ from our expectations by at least as much as jesus’ first coming.

what he did say was this: “you are blessed if you can take me and not get offended”.  i’m sure that was aimed at us, just as much as john’s disciples.

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2 Responses to “who are you, really?”

  1. Cassie Says:

    It’s interesting to note, that in response to the posed question, Jesus told John’s diciples to tell him what they saw. Jesus pointed to the events and actions that surrounded Him as the answer to their question. John knew who Jesus was when he baptized Him. It seems that time in prison caused him to question what he did know. Apparently John had different expectations about what woukld happen when Jesus came. Jesus, in effect, was telling him, ‘Look at what’s I’m doing. People are being set free. The way you prepared is being walked. Don’t loose heart because it didn’t happen the way you thought it would. Look at all the evidence that it IS happening. The same can be applied to our times.

  2. fierybones Says:


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