messed up

this interview turned my stomach.  it’s Linda Smith of Shared Hope International, talking about child sex exploitation in america.  she says a lot that’s good, and i encourage you to spend a minute to watch the interview, but the point that struck me was how we’ve come to culturally accept this epidemic.

in most cultures at most times in history, part of a family’s responsibility has been to protect their daughters.  they’ve clearly distinguished between a girl and a young woman who might be preparing for marriage.  our modern culture though, has completely blurred the line, and our fatherless society leaves young girls all too vulnerable.   and since we’ve all but given up on marriage, sex has become merely a thing that happens along the way.

we christians have become complicit by our silence


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One Response to “messed up”

  1. bekah Says:

    wow. i honestly had no idea.. i mean you hear about the sex trade and stuff, but usually it’s stuff going on in africa or some ‘obscure’ country, y’know? man
    you’re totally right

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