self defense

head a brilliant little quote from michael prince in a youtube video of this year’s hillsong conference:

when people say things against you say “lord, may this abound to your glory lord. i’m not out to save myself, or my honor, or my reputation. i want to see you glorified”


2 Responses to “self defense”

  1. bekah Says:

    mm. very true. if you think about it, very rarely does self-defense (in this aspect at least) do much if any good.
    you post reminded me of when pc was at a church in west texas, and like out of nowhere people (important people, not like crazy joe the village idiot) start saying ridiculous things about hima dn making just plain wild accusations. he had every right to defend himself and at least refute their claims but he didnt.. he didnt say anything in his own defense or their offense, he just put himself aside and tried in every way to honor God.
    and in the end God honored him for that… things might have worked out differently and gotten alot more tangled up if he hadnt been going by what this michael prince person says^

  2. fierybones Says:

    so i went ahead and posted a better blurb on “self defense”. it is one of the more challenging aspects of kingdom living.

    i always think about jesus, first before the council, then pilate, then on the cross as his enemies mocked him. what must it have been like for the commander of the angels and the master of the universe to not speak up for himself. just one bolt of lightning. or maybe the earth opening up to swallow them alive. instead it was “father forgive them”

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