i called my very prophetic friend jon palmer this morning and we ended up talking about worship.  one analogy that came up was about kids.  i have three of them, he has two, and both of us could easily say:

  • both/all my kids love me
  • both/all my kids express their love differently

so why should it surprise that different people worship differently?  isn’t worship essentially god’s kids reaching up to give him a hug, or just to cuddle, or maybe to go for a walk?

i think we mess up though, when we seperate into different groups based on worship preferences.  probably we should be actively promoting appreciation for the differences.  too much to hope for?


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2 Responses to “expressions”

  1. Bekah Says:

    here, here!
    i heartily agree. and i think if we were actively promoting appreciation for differences in worship style, more people would find themselves able to freely and truly worship, rather than be caught up in the motions and never get to experience that sincerity of God’s presence.


  2. fierybones Says:


    several years ago a friend of mine said something i still can’t get out of my mind. he is a full-time minister and easily spends over an hour a day in the word, preaches several times a week, and does deliverance ministry. we were talking about a particularly good worship service time and he said something like “i wish i could get into god’s presence like that more often. it’s been years.”

    i wanted to cry, honestly. it’s hard for me to believe someone goes days; but years? yikes!

    if a worship leader’s job is to bring the whole room into the presence of the lord, i think we fail too too often.

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