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how it all doesn’t end

December 20, 2008

“… and then i’ll quit”

zip the nip

December 19, 2008
i want it

i want it

i was reading about weaning in a book by bob sorge – and at the same time trading messages with a friend who, like me, is going through some transitions.

bob was talking about how an infant finds peace and warmth and nourishment and relationship at his mother’s breast.  just as he should.

but one day the mother withholds from the child what she’s always given freely.  he screams like crazy.  “i want it!  i need it!”.  her heart hurts as she listens to his cries – but she won’t relent.  she knows that the next phase of his maturing requires solid food.  its not lack of love, but because of it, that she withholds.

and through the process of withholding, the child’s desires are changed.  a year later he doesn’t even thing of going back to the breast.  he can look at his younger sibling and think, “i used to be there”, but the attraction is gone.

of course, some children wean more easily than others.

had to have happened

December 13, 2008

peter: your momma!
john: whatever! i’ll never deny you lord
peter: hey shut your face john boy!
john: cock-a-doodle-do!
peter: k, now i’m gonna hurt you


December 12, 2008

i’m not in favor of giving public money (i.e.: our money, the money we’ve worked for that we‘re paying in taxes) to an organization where any employee of that organization has annual compensation over a million dollars.

what i’m not saying: no one should make over a million dollars.

what else i’m not saying: the government should never give our tax money away.

what the congress has done with the bank bail-out bill, and now with the gm/chrysler/ford bailout are criminal acts.   they’re robinhood in reverse – taking from the poor (and all the rest of us) and giving to the rich.  they’re the acts of a government that no longer answers to the people.  in fact, it barely feels the need to pretend to care about the will of the people.