zip the nip

i want it

i want it

i was reading about weaning in a book by bob sorge – and at the same time trading messages with a friend who, like me, is going through some transitions.

bob was talking about how an infant finds peace and warmth and nourishment and relationship at his mother’s breast.  just as he should.

but one day the mother withholds from the child what she’s always given freely.  he screams like crazy.  “i want it!  i need it!”.  her heart hurts as she listens to his cries – but she won’t relent.  she knows that the next phase of his maturing requires solid food.  its not lack of love, but because of it, that she withholds.

and through the process of withholding, the child’s desires are changed.  a year later he doesn’t even thing of going back to the breast.  he can look at his younger sibling and think, “i used to be there”, but the attraction is gone.

of course, some children wean more easily than others.


One Response to “zip the nip”

  1. bekah Says:

    ahh, but if you only knew..

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