…er than a speeding bullet

image borrowed from nobodyasked.com

image borrowed from nobodyasked.com

inevitably, we’re guilty.  guilty of going through life with our eyes on the things in front of us, or possibly behind us, but forgetting the things beside and inside us.

fasting has a way of changing that.  not so much the prefixed-fasts, doing without something you like, but tradition fasting with only water to keep your body from shutting down.

it broadens one’s perspective because it reminds us of that voice talking to us – the little voice of desire.  since before out birth that voice has been directing us toward comfort and security and away from the opposites.

it’s the voice identified in the bible as the flesh and day to day it easily blurs into the background noise.  marketers know that we’re mostly aware our motivations for buying and they advertise accordingly.  our complicated modern lives surround us with millions of opportunities to follow that voice.

that’s why fasting is so beneficial.  it takes that ambient voice and gives it a microphone.  instead of whispering it’s screaming.  it moves the voice from out subconscious to front and center where we can see it for what it is.

and most importantly, it’s and act of domination.  it says clearly: “flesh, you are not in charge!”  “my spirit is submitted to the Spirit of God, and you, noisy little trouble-maker, are submitted to me!”


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