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speak now against the day unveiled

May 19, 2009
Church Under the Tree benefit at Eisenbergs skate park

Church Under the Tree benefit at Eisenbergs skate park

so Saturday last i was at Eisenberg’s skate park for an event sponsored by Church Under the Tree and 89.7 PowerFM. Brent Mills, the worship guy from CUTT was the one who set the thing up and he was generally awesome. Ron Mills, their pastor, was there hanging out and seemed cool too.  if i got the story right, he preaches at Eisenbergs once a month.

Drue Mitchell MC’d the show Dawn and Wes were there staffing the Power FM table.  There was a rapper, Mike Something, from some frozen wasteland of the north, that brought some good rhymes to start off the show with Drue backing him up.   Mike i’m so sorry i didn’t write down your last name.  actually i’m not totally positive about your first name either.  forgive me?

next up was Unveiled, who i happen to like a lot.  i was at a show in Denton last year where they were supposed to be playing, but Audra, the lead voice, was in a car wreck and didn’t make it.  i picked up their cd though, and liked it, so i was expecting a good show.

and they did a very good show.  Audra is not only a good singer but also knows how to work the crowd.  Phillip was tight on drums, Caleb played some very pretty guitar, got a great sound, and has a killer “rawr”.  one sweet thing about having a single guitar is that you can hear the bass lines loud and clear – and Elijah’s are worth listening to.

i guess a rockin band with a girl lead is going to get the inevitable comparison with Flyleaf, and there are some similarities.  the first time i saw Flyleaf (Passerby) they weren’t as together as the current Unveiled though.  Audra and Lacey have different vocal styles and quite a different stage presence.  Lacey seems more desperate somehow.  Audra was at ease and sounded like she was having a good time.

next up for what seemed like a short set (i didn’t time it) was Speak Now Against the Day from Arlington.  they were loud.  both guitars (Aaron Warren and Michael Olson) had their amps pretty cranked.  I was in the sound booth across the room  from them and my ears were bleeding.  Nathan Olson – bass and vocals – did a good job on vocals and a fair job on bass. i couldn’t really hear the drums (Joseph Spencer) too much over the guitar amps. Erick Sigmond did lead vocals and was actually pretty fun to listen to.  i’m not sure who the songwriting talent comes from but i think i like it.  Russell Martz played synth.  Again, the guitars drowned out a lot of it, but he had some clever lines during the quiet moments.  SNATD could really be a good band.  they suffered a bit from coming on after Unveiled, who is much more polished, and also from too much guitar volume.

i suffered too, as it turned out.  at one point Russell turned one of his synth’s up a lot hotter than during sound check, i guess trying to compete with the guitars for volume.   he also hit a very low very expensive note.  that note burned up a JBL EONs we were using for a floor monitor ($600) and the two JBL MRX-515 subs ($650 x 2), making it a $1900 evening.  [that may come down a bit – i have the drivers out of the subs and will take them tomorrow to see if i can get them re-coned.]  it does put them out of commission for sound gigs i was supposed to do this thursday and friday though.

Eisenbergs was a benefit show.  the bands were there for w/e they sold in merch plus to advertise their names.  we (Anthony Corder and i)  donated the sound system and our time knowing we were unlikely to get anything for it.  probably Russell just wasn’t thinking and  just went for all the volume he could get.   anyway, i wish he hadn’t.