I graduated in the bottom 10% of my high school class and wasn’t really planning to go to college at all. I later did, majoring first in Bible, then computer science, and finally business.

If I had it to do over I’d study neurology. And music. My PhD thesis would be something about the frontal cortex relationship between music and language or music and thought. The whole topic is amazing to me. We all know, somehow, that music is special. We know how music affects our memory and our mood. But exactly where does that specialness come from? I don’t only mean “What neutrons are firing when we listen to or create music?” but even more “How deeply did God program music into our minds?”.

Oliver Sacks said, in his excellent book Musicophilia that we acquire much of our musical aptitude in our first eighteen months or so; possibly even pre-birth. Once we begin acquiring verbal language music is somehow suppressed. There it lurks as an influence over the deep things of our heart. I believe it would be worth spending a life grasping how that works.


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