Mike Bickle said something this week that I’m still chewing on.  He was telling the story of God showing him the bridal paradigm.  And he said (I’m paraphrasing from memory):

Most women in the church have no problem with the idea that they too are “sons of God”.  They realize that the term was used for both male and female.   Men, on the other had, have a really hard time with the concept that they’re the bride of Christ.

There are three pictures God paints of our relationship with him.   The first is Father <-> Child.  I say Child rather than Son because some times it’s Daughter as well.   This is an easy one for many.  Even if our earthly father was a schmuck we can imagine what a good father would be like.  He’d provide, protect, teach, and love.

The second picture is Brother <-> Brother with Christ.  He is the “only-begotten”, the only natural-born child of the Father.  The rest of us are adopted.  We follow his example, as our older brother, to learn how to relate to the Father.

The third is as the bride of Christ.  This is a clear picture in the bible that is difficult for men.  Mike Bickle uses Song of Solomon as an analogy of this relationship.  I’m less sure than Mike is about Song.  My first pick would be Ezekiel 16 because it’s a more definite analogy and it illustrates both Father <-> Daughter, and Groom <-> Bride.

Mothers start dreaming about a daughter’s wedding the day their girl is born.  Those dreams become part of the daughter’s heart and mind.  She looks to her wedding as a high point in her life.  It’s the day all eyes will be on her.  In a sense, it is the day she has lived for.  We men have nothing comparable.  Of course I’m generalizing a bit, but clearly God intends men to learn about aspects of our relationship with him from this oh-so-girlie ritual.

We’ve spent our lives saying “yuck!” when we see homosexual or effeminate behavior.  And I’m positive God doesn’t intend for us to “get in touch with our feminine side”.  God programmed each of us as the gender we were born into.

I think what he does want is for us to see in our sisters, wives and daughters a facet of our relationship with him that we could otherwise not comprehend.


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3 Responses to “Bride?”

  1. Duane Says:

    Jesus is coming back for one bride, not a harem of brides. I think seeing an individual as a bride isn’t the correct Biblical picture. Manly men, sailor in ships have no problem seeing the ship as a she. So to I think it is easier and correct to see the Church as a bride. In Revelation 21:9-10 an angel says “Come I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife”…and he showed him a city, the New Jerusalem.

  2. Rebekah Says:

    Sailors see their “she” ships as something they own, operate, work with. Not something that they themselves are a part of and function as. I don’t think that was the proper comparison.
    And if we individually are A son or daughter of God, and A brother or sister with Christ– not as a whole the Church being a son and brother– then it’s a cop-out to say that you personally are not also [in a sense] the bride of Christ. Endeavor to understand it rather than justify it to what you already understand.

  3. fierybones Says:

    I can buy that we the church are collectively his bride. But as a man it’s still hard to relate to. To me that’s more a statement of how things are, not a judgment.

    I can see an example of it in my wife and daughters and in female friends. I can do my best to comprehend it, but I’ll never experience it as they do.

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