science says

photo courtesy wikimedia commons

photo courtesy wikimedia commons

When the word science comes up, I automatically treat what I’m reading, watching, or listening to as an opinion piece – like something from the editorial page of a newspaper.


If it’s in the news or in a blog, science is consistently invoked to support the author’s world view and belief system.  People quote science in exactly the way a Christian would quote a bible verse or a Muslim the quran.

If instead I’m reading a peer-reviewed journal then the author is living on grant money and has a vested interest in supporting the world-view and belief system of his funding entity.

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3 Responses to “science says”

  1. DrKeithCurrie Says:

    Science is not a belief but it relies on practical tests and results.

  2. John Nabors Says:

    If that’s the case then why has the global warming theory been totally debunked?

  3. fierybones Says:

    Science should be a deductive process of hypothesis and experimentation with the goal of better understanding our world. But science is done by humans, and we’re all too susceptible to personal biases and prejudices.

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