sweet fellowship

kids playing football

image courtesy sunward.org

I wrote this to a friend earlier and afterward thought that some of you might appreciate it too.  I’m not very natural with my people skills –    they’re something I have to work at.  So from time to time I have to remind myself of  things that are pretty basic.

This is possibly stating the obvious, but when people fellowship (a.k.a.: hang out), we always fellowship around something that is shared.  Food is the most common.  Inviting someone to a meal prepared at your home can immediately take a friendship to a deeper level.  But there are a million other interests and activities that can be the center of fellowship.  An activity like shopping.  A place that the people involved enjoy.  A sporting event.  A hobby.  You get the idea.

What was initially revelatory to me was that the thing you’re fellowshipping around isn’t really the purpose for the fellowship.  The purpose is the relationship!  Fellowship develops relationship, giving it an opportunity to mature toward intimacy.

So the trick is to find something you can fellowship around.  Something you and the other person or the group will enjoy.  As you fellowship your relationships mature.  And as they mature the other person or people grow in trust and love for you, and you for them.  And mutual trust allows intimacy – lowering the walls hiding our secret thoughts, desires and fears.

And intimacy is the most precious thing in life.


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2 Responses to “sweet fellowship”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    maybe I should put tags on my blog. You think?

    • fierybones Says:

      it does help you get picked up by search engines. doesn’t work all the time, but once in a while what-i-wrote will line up with what-people-are-Googling and my read count will bump from 6 or 8 to 50. that is most often when i’ve commented on a breaking news item, btw.

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