to know you

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Imagine a girl growing up in a good family in a very traditional culture.  Many of the social constructs in her life exist to protect her from situations where her innocence would be threatened.  She becomes engaged to a godly young man and they marry.

They’re enthralled with each other!  They talk about everything and hang on each others’ words.  The cuddle, go for long walks, and sometimes just stare into each others’ eyes.  “Do you like …?” and “Have you ever…?” and “I love it when you…!”  Sure, they have responsibilities of carrying on life, but their true joy is being together and learning to know each other.

So that’s the story, and the lesson is this: God portrays his relationship with us in exactly these terms!  He doesn’t talk about us as being a 90-year-old couple who were childhood sweethearts and can complete each others’ sentences.  That kind of love is a beautiful thing, but it’s not the picture he paints.  He talks about us as being in the passion of young love; crazy about each other; enraptured in intimacy!

That’s where our situation differs from the story.  He already knows us intimately!  He knows our parents and our grandparents.  How we grew up.  Our likes and dislikes.  Every injury.  Every fear.  Every disappointment.  He knows what we think about when we lay on our beds late at night.  There isn’t anything about us hidden from him!

But that makes the relationship a little one-sided, doesn’t it?  He knows us so well, and we know him so little!  Intimacy, for our part, requires two things.

The first is that we get to know him.  That we desire to know him, not in a passing way, but with a burning passion!  In a I-just-can’t-go-another-minute-without-you way!  We have to hunger and thirst for his word, not only his written word but the gentle voice of his Holy Spirit.

The second requirement for intimacy with God may be less obvious.  We have to let down our guard.  We have to drop the defenses and tear down the walls we’ve used to protect ourselves.   But why should we if he already knows everything about us?  Isn’t that enough?

And the secret is this.  Being vulnerable isn’t about letting the other person have something.  It’s about freeing ourselves from the walls that have trapped us.


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One Response to “to know you”

  1. fierybones Says:

    from David Wilkerson’s devotional blog today:

    The fact is, it’s impossible to have a faith that pleases God without sharing intimacy with him. What do I mean by intimacy? I’m speaking of a closeness to the Lord that comes from yearning after him. This kind of intimacy is a close personal bond, a communion. It comes when we desire the Lord more than anything else in this life.

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