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March 31, 2010

A synagogue/rabbi (church/pastor) model seeks equilibrium and consistency.

An apostolic/prophetic model is inherently disruptive and divisive.

An elder is to a pastor what a judge of Israel was to a king.

Since we do church the way the Rabbis did it, we shouldn’t be surprised that we get their results instead of Jesus’.

A Few Things About Jesus

March 31, 2010

Ever notice that Jesus’ ministry only occasionally involved religious institutions?  When they stopped inviting him he didn’t even complain.  His message was kingdom, not church/synagogue.

He spent a lot more time showing people how to live than telling them.

His first, most important job was to maintain his relationship with his Father. He regularly skipped opportunities to minister so he could spend time with Dad.

He was humble, but fearless, before men.

We don’t know if he laughed, but we know that he cried.

He never worked a crowd.  He never gave an altar call.  He never took an offering.  He had no salary and no building to maintain.  He forbade his disciples to be called by religious titles.

He didn”t worry about who he might offend.  Sometimes he intentionally offended people.

The people he hung out with were distinctly un-religious.

His very existence bothered religious people because he wasn’t part of their system and they couldn’t control him.  Eventually that cost him his life, which he freely gave.


March 13, 2010

What a wonderful thing the Worthy chorus from Zach Neese‘ song Alabaster Jar has become to me.  For two or three years it’s been my mind’s background music.  When I’m walking or sitting or driving or waiting.  When I’m excited or assured or afraid or apprehensive.  Whenever I’m not doing something else, Worthy starts “playing”.