I was in a familiar situation yesterday – looking for something that I knew was in the room but I couldn’t quite find.  And I repeated that familiar prayer, “Lord, you know where it is and I don’t.  Please show me where to look.”

I know a few things about God.

For one, he is not on my time schedule.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s funny how much I worry about time.

Another thing; he knows what I really need, and that’s frequently different than what I think we need.

One final thing I’ve noticed about him.  He wants to spend time with me, just like any good friend.  If I don’t make the time, sometimes he’ll do it for me.

So that’s where the game started.  I say game, because that’s exactly what it was – God was playing with me.  He knew I was in a big hurry to get the thing I was looking for.  People were depending on me.  I’d committed to be at a certain place at a certain time with some equipment.  So I asked him, “Should I look over here?”

“No”, he said.

“Ok, back here then?”


This went on for a couple hours.  By then end I’d found several items not on my “things I need”  list – but which turned out to be critical for what I was doing.  Also he opened my eyes to his plans for my near future that I’d been wondering about – but plans not-at-all related to my pressing dilemma.  And of course, he did finally point me to the thing I originally asked about.  It was in plain view in a place I’d looked before I’d even prayed.

I drove away literally laughing about the good time we had, just hanging out with my best friend, God.  My sense was that he enjoyed it too.

I was extraordinarily late for my appointment.  And it was somehow no problem at all.


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2 Responses to “friends”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    the tags on this entry are Best friends, friends, God. I love that ^_^

  2. shannon1c Says:

    haha i love it- …

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