because it says so

I was reading about Judas’ betrayal of Jesus the other day, where Peter whacked off the guy’s ear.  Jesus said:

“How then would the scriptures that say it must happen this way be fulfilled?”

I’m not fatalist and I definitely believe Christians should be involved in politics and resisting the work of the Enemy.  But at some point when they come for us, shouldn’t we say the same thing as Jesus?

A friend was expressing to me today that he’s not ready for Jesus to come.  He was thinking about people he knows personally who he still wants to lead to a place of faith.  But the attitude of New Testament believers seems to be one of longing and desiring the day of Christ’s reappearing.  I don’t pretend to understand

Father, I can’t wait to see your son in the flesh.  I love the presence of your Holy Spirit and my joy is the time we spend together.  But I know the things Jesus has prepared are even better – unimaginably better!  In agreement with your Spirit, I say, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

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