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half-plowed field

January 3, 2011

This is good and some of you need it

1 Kings 19:19-21 – The prophet Elijah has just designated Elisha as his successor.  Elisha is busy plowing the field and his only request is that he can go back and say bye to Dad and Mom.

Here’s the thing.  Let’s say you want to start a new diet.  But you have half a pie left in the fridge.  So you tell yourself, “I’ll start the diet in two days after I’ve finished the pie”.

Or you feel convicted about alcohol and want to stop drinking.  But there’s half a bottle of Crown Royal in the cabinet.  So you tell yourself, “As soon as that bottle is gone, that’s it – no more!”

Is it going to happen?  You tell me, but I think “No” – in fact I think “Not a chance!”.  Why?  Because people don’t work like that.  When we have the conviction to do something, or stop doing something, we need to act right then based on the conviction.

Elisha didn’t finish the field.  He didn’t make arrangements for someone else to finish plowing it.  He just left.

Have any fields you need to leave half-plowed?