This is just a curious thought – nothing more.

I’ve typically seen Adam and Eve depicted as twenty-somethings.  But couldn’t they just as well have been (the equivalent of) teens or five-year-olds or even babies?  Maybe God started out changing Adam’s diaper – or whatever – and raised him as a single dad?  Maybe when Eve believed the lie and ate the fruit she was middle-school aged?

Okay; just something to mess with your 21st century presuppositions.

Blessings to you!

One Response to “babies”

  1. John Doe Says:

    I guess if Spock could regenerate and grow up (quickly) on the planet Genesis without any parental oversight, then certainly Adam could have been formed out of the dust by God’s hand at a much younger age.

    But then again, the image of twenty-somethings is what makes this video so funny!

    Keep on questioning the status quo!

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