hi!  i’m marty nickel, a.k.a.: fierybones. 

i live in rockwall, texas, just east of dallas.  my wife laurie is inexplicably missing, but i love her like crazy and i’m waiting for her return.  i have the three best kids in the universe, autumn, m&m-ily, and zak (check the myspace site for pics). 

i am a geek.  for much of my income i design and develop software.  somehow my brain is uniquely suited for the combined technical and creative skills required for that kind of work.  i’ve just started a blog at martytech.wordpress.com where i intend to post my geekier thoughts. 

i’m a musician.  pretty much, i think in music, with almost a constant soundtrack playing in my brain.  not in my ears though.  when i’m doing software work i like all the silence i can get.  when i’m driving the radio is more likely off than on.  i mostly use my ipod for screening recording projects.  when i have music playing i really listen!  i prefer live original music now-and-then over the mind numbing blah of the record labels.  i play bass and guitar and play-around with a few other things.  i also do some recording, mixing, and live sound.  my music-related blog is at martymusic.wordpress.com

i’m a hardcore christian.  i don’t know how to best draw the distinction, but maybe you’ll understand if i say i’m a real one.  i’m not especially religious.  i’ve been going to church at lakeshore church for about 12 years, and just now am looking around for somewhere else. my experience has been that church has only a mild correspondence to a person’s relationship with god.   i believe we all start life out of relationship with god.  we begin the relationship by admitting that we need him and by submitting to him.  we maintain the relationship just like we would with any other friend; we spend time together, do things for each other, and talk.  john calvin saddled us with the idea that it’s impossible to leave the relationship once we begin it.  i think that’s absurd, and a gross misrepresentation of what the bible teaches. 

as for this blog, i’d like to have something enough worth saying that it “rise[s] to the level of contributing to the public discourse” (a quote from e

sometimes people ask about fierybones.  it’s from a bible verse.  jeremiah is complaining that all he gets is grief for relaying god’s words to people.  then he says (marty paraphrase); but if i shut up, it will be like fire in my bones, it will consume me (chapter 20 verse 9).

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