biblical truth

i assert that all the essential and important truths in the Bible are writ large across it.  God created communication and its time-honored principles:

  • say the thing you want to say different times and different ways – tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.
  • use illustrations – some people get pictures or concepts better than straight words
  • provide feedback – when someone gets the message and acts accordingly, let them know.  same thing if they don’t get it (or for-get it)

the Bible follows those patterns when it tells: who God is, his love for us, and his purpose and will for us.

i’m not saying someone will get everything the first time through the Bible – a lifetime of reading and study only scratches the surface.

what i am saying is that God didn’t hide some special meaning in a certain passage in such-and-such a translation.  if you have to clip out a particular phrase or glue bits and pieces together from all over the Bible or or squint and hold your tongue just right to get your particular doctrine, it’s always going to have zero cred with me.

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