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…er than a speeding bullet

February 19, 2009
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inevitably, we’re guilty.  guilty of going through life with our eyes on the things in front of us, or possibly behind us, but forgetting the things beside and inside us.

fasting has a way of changing that.  not so much the prefixed-fasts, doing without something you like, but tradition fasting with only water to keep your body from shutting down.

it broadens one’s perspective because it reminds us of that voice talking to us – the little voice of desire.  since before out birth that voice has been directing us toward comfort and security and away from the opposites.

it’s the voice identified in the bible as the flesh and day to day it easily blurs into the background noise.  marketers know that we’re mostly aware our motivations for buying and they advertise accordingly.  our complicated modern lives surround us with millions of opportunities to follow that voice.

that’s why fasting is so beneficial.  it takes that ambient voice and gives it a microphone.  instead of whispering it’s screaming.  it moves the voice from out subconscious to front and center where we can see it for what it is.

and most importantly, it’s and act of domination.  it says clearly: “flesh, you are not in charge!”  “my spirit is submitted to the Spirit of God, and you, noisy little trouble-maker, are submitted to me!”


February 18, 2009

i’m wondering about the prodigal son in Jesus’ parable (Luke 15:11 and following).  suppose the son chose a different course of action once he realized the foolishness of his ways.

i know that my father loves me and wants the best for me.  my stomach may feel hungry, but by faith i’m living in a mansion, prospering and well fed.  and i rebuke you pigs and command you to get away from me.

stoked up

June 2, 2008

for various reasons, i’m not too interested in feeding the $tarbuck$ machine, but i do enjoy a good cup of coffee.  what that usually means is i make my own.  but summertime is fast approaching here in texas and cooler is better.  so i thought i’d pass along my discoveries for replacing your pricey carma-frappa-whatevers.

a couple months ago i bumped into a product called “stok” (stoke).  the concept is simple; they’re shots of black coffee, individually packaged in the sort of containers that usually have half-and-half or other liquid creamer products.  you can peel the top off and put it in whatever you want.  sam’s club had them in a box of 144 (though they’re not listed on their online store).  i’d judge their caffeine effect to be every-bit equal to an espresso shot.  i bought them thinking “what a concept – i’ll bet i can do something with these”,  and i have!

do you like the $tarbuck$ cold latte products in the little jars?  try this: dissolve two heaping tablespoons of brown sugar in the bottom of a 16oz glass with a splash of hot tap-water.  add 2 or 3 stok shots.  then fill the glass with milk and enjoy!

like the mocha version of the same?  add a spoon of powdered cocoa before the milk.  vanilla?  add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  caramel?  add some caramel topping!

prefer your drink frozen?  start with the same water/sugar/stok mix in a blender and add 12 oz milk. then drop in ice cubes until you get the right consistency.

you can fru-fru to your heart’s content.  whipped cream.  drizzle chocolate syrup or caramel.  maybe garnish with a french wafer.  you get the idea. 

i’m thinking this’d be a big hit at a party.  you can make any cold or frozen coffee drink you can think of, for a lot better price than sending out to seattle-r-us. 

here’s to a fully caffeinated summer! 

burma typhoon

May 13, 2008

i had stir-fry broccoli with spicy peanut sauce on rice today for lunch.  as i was eating, all i could think of were the news stories i’d read as my dinner cooked.  the cyclone that hit burma / myanmar may 2nd and 3rd killed at least 34,000 – they’re expecting the death toll to at least double, maybe tripple in the aftermath.

relief efforts have be put in a stranglehold by the myanmar government.  they’ve refused most emergency supplies and all emergency workers.  hanging on to power is more important to them than suffering and dying people. 

the news today is that, of the few relief supplies they have allowed in, some corrupt officials are either hoarding them or are selling them on the black market.  the food actually being sent to the victims is rotting or of poor quality.  i personally can’t imagine a heart so hard.

my prayer is this: lord god, you see what’s happening and you know not only a man’s actions but his motives.  for every myanmar official who would fill his plate or make himself rich while his country is wounded and dying – i ask that you would bring that official down.  comfort the mourning, the hurt and the dying of myanmar.  i ask for believers within the country to rise up to help those in need and that you will supernaturally make a way for christians to come in to the country and show your love.

spicy hot!

April 19, 2008

some years ago i realized that i often think of what i’m what i’m putting in my mouth not as food, but as a delivery vehicle for salsa.

i really like salsa!  i have it on my eggs in the morning and on chips for a snack; i ladle it onto all sorts of things.  i love the flavor in my mouth and the little tingle on my tongue afterwards.  salsa rocks!

when i found out it’s pretty easy to make i started doing that too.  if it’s for personal consumption i make it flaming hot, or i can make a tamer batch for friends who haven’t yet developed an appreciation for a good burn.

i was enjoying a bowl yesterday with corn chips when i realized that god’s people are a lot like salsa.  we’re diverse, just like jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro and onion.  we’re different colors and shapes and grow different ways.  and, just like salsa, we’re not at our best when you first put us together.

in the church, we sort of have onions over here and cilantro there and some jalapenos in a different place.  and salsa is one of those synergy things where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  and to really develop, it needs to spend the night in the fridge.  that way when you take a bite you get the whole flavor, not just one ingredient.

so that’s my prescription for the church.  first we need to get together.  christian music has helped.  conferences have helped.  persecution has always helped, and perhaps we have some ahead of us.

then after we get together, we need to chill a while. 

marty’s fresh salsa
6 ripe roma tomatoes, skin removed
6 ripe tomatillos, skin removed
1 to 3 jalapeno peppers
a slice or two of onion
zero to 4 cloves of garlic
cilantro leaves from 6 to 12 shoots
heaping teaspoon of brown sugar
one lime

put the jalapeno(s), onion, garlic, and cilantro in a food processor and chop fine.  scoop the chopped ingredients into a mixing bowl. 

cut the tomatoes in half and squeeze the juice down the drain (not necessary for tomatillos).  chop the tomatoes or tomatillos in the food processor.  add to the mixing bowl.

pour off any excess liquid from the bowl.  add brown sugar.  quarter the lime and squeeze into the bowl.  stir a few times, then put in a covered container or mason jar in the refrigerator overnight.

since all the ingredients are fresh rather than cooked, you should keep it refrigerated and eat it within 7 to 10 days. 


February 20, 2008

i like peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread.  but i REALLY like grilled peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread.


February 14, 2008

i’m pretty much a legume lover. i like pinto beans, black beans, butter beans, lottsa kinds of beans. in fact, other than straight-up water, bean juice (a.k.a.: coffee) is my fav drink.

i like cocoa beans too, or at least the wonder stuff made from them. which is why i’m writing just this moment. usually i keep some chocolate around the house. i’ll reward myself with a little chunk when i’ve accomplished a particulary onerous task (for example, getting up in the morning). but usually a 100 gram bar lasts me about a week.

but when christmas was all said and done, i somehow ended up with much more than my usual stash of the stuff. autumn gave me a 400 gram toblerone (milk chocolate with honey and almond). some other way i got a 100 gram bittersweet (dark) chocolate toblerone. and then my sister-in-law, who should know better, got me four, count ’em four, 85 gram choxie bars in various flavors (i’d never had these before – they’re wonderful : ) ). probably she intended me to share them (silly girl). besides all that, i’m pretty sure i have a 100 gram ghirardelli bar up in the cupboard from before christmas.

so you could say that i’m fully chocolated. fully, as in, i keep finding myself bouncing up and down for no particular reason. fully, as in, i wonder just how many grams of chocolate it takes to replace all other food in my diet?

well. i can’t say all other food. i have been drinking bean juice!