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science says

January 8, 2010
photo courtesy wikimedia commons

photo courtesy wikimedia commons

When the word science comes up, I automatically treat what I’m reading, watching, or listening to as an opinion piece – like something from the editorial page of a newspaper.


If it’s in the news or in a blog, science is consistently invoked to support the author’s world view and belief system.  People quote science in exactly the way a Christian would quote a bible verse or a Muslim the quran.

If instead I’m reading a peer-reviewed journal then the author is living on grant money and has a vested interest in supporting the world-view and belief system of his funding entity.

modern alchemy

January 5, 2010

Alchemy existed for hundreds of years attempting to turn lead to gold and men to immortals.   Why did the alchemists believe they could do this?   Simply put; they vastly underestimated the nature and complexity of the universe.

I am in no sense anti-science in the sense of the scientific method of discovery.  But when I hear folks like Ray Kurzweil going on about artificial intelligence and the singularity, I think he has more chance with the lead-to-gold proposition.

a what?

June 23, 2008

if barack got more than 50% of the electoral vote in november, would we become an obama-nation?

(borrowed from an article in pajama media by tom blumer)


June 10, 2008

re: michelle malkin’s article on “grumpy republicans” not following the party “leadership” – it’s hard to get people to do much while they’re holding their noses


June 9, 2008

several hundred times a year a muslim man or woman straps on explosives and sets out to kill as many “infidels” as possible.  these people are roundly praised by their families and communities.  they do it in the belief that they are pleasing allah and insuring themselves a good eternity.

with this trend almost doubling from one year to the next, how can we possibly ignore iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad when he threatens to remove israel from the map?  with the motivations of a suicide bomber on a grand scale, he has nothing to restrain him.  his world view requires him to do as much damage as humanly possible to the “jewish pigs”.


May 23, 2008

green, the new red

renewable resources

May 21, 2008

this quote worth quoting from national review online editor at large, jonah goldberg:

environmentalism’s most renewable resources are fear, guilt, and moral bullying

burma typhoon

May 13, 2008

i had stir-fry broccoli with spicy peanut sauce on rice today for lunch.  as i was eating, all i could think of were the news stories i’d read as my dinner cooked.  the cyclone that hit burma / myanmar may 2nd and 3rd killed at least 34,000 – they’re expecting the death toll to at least double, maybe tripple in the aftermath.

relief efforts have be put in a stranglehold by the myanmar government.  they’ve refused most emergency supplies and all emergency workers.  hanging on to power is more important to them than suffering and dying people. 

the news today is that, of the few relief supplies they have allowed in, some corrupt officials are either hoarding them or are selling them on the black market.  the food actually being sent to the victims is rotting or of poor quality.  i personally can’t imagine a heart so hard.

my prayer is this: lord god, you see what’s happening and you know not only a man’s actions but his motives.  for every myanmar official who would fill his plate or make himself rich while his country is wounded and dying – i ask that you would bring that official down.  comfort the mourning, the hurt and the dying of myanmar.  i ask for believers within the country to rise up to help those in need and that you will supernaturally make a way for christians to come in to the country and show your love.


April 28, 2008

i’m not sure what i was expecting when i saw ben stein’s expelled this weekend.  it’s a documentary, narrated by mr. stein, essentially giving his viewpoint on scientific community corruption by the dogma of darwinism.  it seemed to me very personal in tone and content.

history has been described as a conversation of ideas, and popular ideas about science for two hundred years have been reductionist and materialistic.  reductionist because they assumed a relatively small body of laws governed the physical universe.  materialistic because they believed this body of laws was adequate to account for the universe we observe.  to distill this down to a simple statement of popular thought: “science almost has it figured out”.   these weren’t scientific ideas, per se.  they were popular thought about science.

darwin’s contribution to modern thought was his proposal that a mechanism exists adequate to explain life. he didn’t do this as a scientist, developing a hypothesis and verifying it experimentally.  he did it as a philosopher, conceiving an idea and throwing it into the sphere of philosophical debate.  it’s easy to understand why darwin’s proposal was accepted so readily – it’s completely in agreement with the “…all figured out” sentiment of popular thought. 

stein is critical of modern darwinism on two counts.  the first is that darwin’s proposal has been accepted so religiously.  darwinism has become the shibboleth of entrance to the mainstream scientific and academic community.  a scientist or professor who dares question darwin is treated with all the respect given a reformation protestant before the pope.  such thoughts are considered dangerous and the individual is banned from public discourse. 

there is nothing scientific about this.  if someone questions einstein or planck their hypothesis is tested on merit.  questioning darwin is summarily unacceptable.

stein’s second critique follows from the francis schaeffer’s observation that “ideas have consequences”.  it was an easy step from darwin’s natural selection to nietzsche’s nihilism and his super-man.  humanity’s responsibility, our moral imperative, is to take the next step up the evolutionary ladder.  and survival of the fittest means, of necessity, removal of the unfit.  darwin’s cousin, sir francis galton proposed exactly that with his science of eugenics.

eugenics became a significant driver of public policy in scientifically-motivated countries like the united states and germany.  in the us it led to around 65,000 forced sterilizations of those carrying “inferior” genes such as native americans, blacks, the mentally retarded, blind, deaf, epileptic, or deformed.  it spawned planned parenthood and the hemlock society.  in germany forced sterilizations were over 350,000.  eugenics was the rationale and motivation for the holocaust.  mr. stein points to both these outcomes.

given the motivation of the pro-darwin crowd it’s no wonder they censure criticism so harshly.  by naming their religion “science” they’ve won a level of government protection and sponsorship far beyond medieval europe.  

assertive, self-reliant citizens

April 21, 2008

“… large numbers of americans tote guns because they’re assertive, self-reliant citizens, not docile subjects of a permanent governing class …”

from mark steyn’s 4/19 national review blog: on god and guns, comparing the u.s. to europe.  he says so much in so few words i don’t feel a need to comment further.