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burma typhoon

May 13, 2008

i had stir-fry broccoli with spicy peanut sauce on rice today for lunch.  as i was eating, all i could think of were the news stories i’d read as my dinner cooked.  the cyclone that hit burma / myanmar may 2nd and 3rd killed at least 34,000 – they’re expecting the death toll to at least double, maybe tripple in the aftermath.

relief efforts have be put in a stranglehold by the myanmar government.  they’ve refused most emergency supplies and all emergency workers.  hanging on to power is more important to them than suffering and dying people. 

the news today is that, of the few relief supplies they have allowed in, some corrupt officials are either hoarding them or are selling them on the black market.  the food actually being sent to the victims is rotting or of poor quality.  i personally can’t imagine a heart so hard.

my prayer is this: lord god, you see what’s happening and you know not only a man’s actions but his motives.  for every myanmar official who would fill his plate or make himself rich while his country is wounded and dying – i ask that you would bring that official down.  comfort the mourning, the hurt and the dying of myanmar.  i ask for believers within the country to rise up to help those in need and that you will supernaturally make a way for christians to come in to the country and show your love.