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November 26, 2009

Our Enemy manipulates through fear, guilt, shame, and desire-for-the-forbidden.  He uses these hooks to direct others’ decisions by remote-control.  He strives to maintain deniability.  His methods and true goal are at odds with his stated objectives.  Other people are pawns used in obtaining his own purpose.

God’s purposes are clear and clearly stated.  He is so much about communication that he nicknamed his son “The Word”.   Truth is paramount.  Relationships aren’t the means to an objective, they are the objective.  He motivates others to do the right thing regardless of the personal cost.

No matter what we say, we are in the camp of the one whose methods we use.



February 14, 2008

was thinking about emotions and this thought passed through my mind. 

fear, desire, joy and anger are all perfectly normal internal responses to things happening to us or around us.  but they’re generally poor guides when they become our motivations. 

we all start out that way – responding based on our emotions.  think about a baby or a 2 year old.  i suppose the challenge is learning to acknowledge the emotion (rather than suppress it), but act based on principles.

[originally posted 2/12/2008]