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stoked up

June 2, 2008

for various reasons, i’m not too interested in feeding the $tarbuck$ machine, but i do enjoy a good cup of coffee.  what that usually means is i make my own.  but summertime is fast approaching here in texas and cooler is better.  so i thought i’d pass along my discoveries for replacing your pricey carma-frappa-whatevers.

a couple months ago i bumped into a product called “stok” (stoke).  the concept is simple; they’re shots of black coffee, individually packaged in the sort of containers that usually have half-and-half or other liquid creamer products.  you can peel the top off and put it in whatever you want.  sam’s club had them in a box of 144 (though they’re not listed on their online store).  i’d judge their caffeine effect to be every-bit equal to an espresso shot.  i bought them thinking “what a concept – i’ll bet i can do something with these”,  and i have!

do you like the $tarbuck$ cold latte products in the little jars?  try this: dissolve two heaping tablespoons of brown sugar in the bottom of a 16oz glass with a splash of hot tap-water.  add 2 or 3 stok shots.  then fill the glass with milk and enjoy!

like the mocha version of the same?  add a spoon of powdered cocoa before the milk.  vanilla?  add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  caramel?  add some caramel topping!

prefer your drink frozen?  start with the same water/sugar/stok mix in a blender and add 12 oz milk. then drop in ice cubes until you get the right consistency.

you can fru-fru to your heart’s content.  whipped cream.  drizzle chocolate syrup or caramel.  maybe garnish with a french wafer.  you get the idea. 

i’m thinking this’d be a big hit at a party.  you can make any cold or frozen coffee drink you can think of, for a lot better price than sending out to seattle-r-us. 

here’s to a fully caffeinated summer!