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same old lies

April 17, 2010

As I drove home this evening I was listening to an interview with Ray Kurzweil.  It was on NPR (might have been BBC – I didn’t notice the hour).  It could have been a re-broadcast as well, since a lot of Kurzweil’s talking points haven’t changed much over the years (e.g.; here and here).

His main points were that we will soon (2030) create our own next phase of evolution by manipulating our genetics and combining human biology with computer intelligence.  Technology would then make eternal life possible.

I was struck by the similarity between his comments and the first words the Bible records of Satan, (in the form of a serpent):

“Did God really say…?” [you can’t trust God]

“You will not surely die!” [there is no penalty for rebellion]

“…you will be like God, knowing good and evil” [God is holding out on you]

I know Ray is supposed to be a futurist and all, but his message sounds old to me.

modern alchemy

January 5, 2010

Alchemy existed for hundreds of years attempting to turn lead to gold and men to immortals.   Why did the alchemists believe they could do this?   Simply put; they vastly underestimated the nature and complexity of the universe.

I am in no sense anti-science in the sense of the scientific method of discovery.  But when I hear folks like Ray Kurzweil going on about artificial intelligence and the singularity, I think he has more chance with the lead-to-gold proposition.