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on to mccain

March 5, 2008

better huck next time!

huckabee in the primary

March 4, 2008

if you live in texas, ohio, rhode island, or vermont, today is your opportunity to vote for mike huckabee.  why should you do that?  read my blog here.


March 3, 2008

if you’re reading this and you’re 18 or over and you live in texas or ohio, remember that tomorrow (tuesday) is the day you go vote for mike huckabee in the primary.  this is a very important vote!  if you support mike and have a few extra minutes today, go to his web site and sign up to make some phone calls.  you can do it at home or whereever.  they give you the list of people to call.  if you have friends or family who could vote for mike, encourage them to do it!

texas independence day!

March 2, 2008

celebrating texas’ declaration of independence, march 2, 1836.  barbeques and chili cook-offs all over the state. 

god bless texas!


February 21, 2008

[update: link to video of this rally at end of article]

i went to a mike huckabee rally last night in plano, texas.  the room seated 900 and the news people covering the event said there were about 2500.  we were shoulder to shoulder – much closer than americans are comfortable with.

so why do i like mike?  several reasons, but my main one is very simple; he represents my views well.  it would be more accurate to say he represents my world-view well.  he is looking at the world from the eyes of a christian.  his guiding principle is: “love the lord god with all your heart and soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself”.  because of that i believe he will be both more conservative and more compassionate than his predecessor.

because mike’s positions stem from his principles, he speaks about them honestly and eloquently.  when other candidates get a question they’re not prepared for you can see the squirm as they think “what should my view be on this?”.   meaning, “what will please the most and offend the least supporters?”.  i’ve seen mike go through the “how should i answer this?” dance too, but the result is different.  he consistently goes back to the “…neighbor as myself” principle – the golden rule.  i believe he’ll be the best president of my lifetime.

you might think; “huckabee?  i haven’t heard much about him”, and that would be true.  the mainstream media has been treating him to a death by silence campaign.  that much was to be expected.  he also has very little support from the traditional republican party – the part that’s primarily pro-business and anti-big-government-and-high-taxes.  they’ve been throwing stones at mike because he “splits the party”.  i believe what splits the party is fielding a candidate like mccain who is offensive to the entire social-conservative wing.

the third branch of his opposition has come those who supported one of his earlier competitors.  there were elements of the thompson, duncan, romney, and paul platforms that i could easily agree with.  but i couldn’t look at any of them and say “this guy has the same positions i do for the same reasons i do”.  some christian leaders have been late to endorse huckabee because they first considered another candidate more electable.  i completely disagree with that approach.  huckabee has more grassroots support than any candidate in my lifetime.  with a ridiculously low campaign budget he has beaten the other conservative republicans.  mccain has almost been a media darling because the left considers him easy to beat.  why?  because he alienates social conservatives, the passion in the republican camp, and because he’ll look like an angry old man debating obama.

so i’m hoping for, praying for, and working for a big huckabee win in the texas primary.  it will take a miracle for him to win the nomination.   i believe in miracles!  to slack off support now would say “it doesn’t matter”, and in fact it matters enormously.  if mccain is finally nominated i will probably “hold my nose and vote for him”.  and i’ll watch him lose.  then i’ll help elect huckabee in 2012!

link to the cbs/kvtt video of this event